How I Became A Writer

How did I become a writer? I’ll be the first to admit that I fell in love with words sometime during my childhood. I really do not know when or how it happened. I loved to read. It was fun to immerse myself in other worlds, using my imagination, and allowing my emotions be stirred by ink on paper.

Those were awesome times by the way.

I remember my first poem. I made it rhyme too. Haha. The first two lines ended with ‘sad’ and ‘bad’. Genius! I must have hoarded that poem for weeks, like it was something precious. And that’s how this journey began, this romance between words and I. Over the years, I have watched our relationship blossom. I have witnessed the power of well crafted words and how they can build up the most beautiful edifices or empires and bring them crashing into rubble, at will.

Words are truly beautiful.

They can create the most intense longing, awake the deepest hunger, still the fiercest rage, and evoke the most peaceful calm. They can take you on the most amazing journeys and transport you into a whole new world. Without the magic carpet ride. Ok? Words in themselves are magic. We create our experiences with them, build our legacies by them and predict the future with them.

How could I not fall in love? 

So, here I am… servant to this master who plays muse to my creativity. I became a writer to serve this wisdom. We have a thing here, you see. And it works. So, we’re a team, words and I. Lured and trapped, I have no complaints, only a desire to shape them into any desired form, creating the most wonderful experiences for those who are humble enough to seek this gift.

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