Late Blooms

Somewhere beyond the horizon
there was a pretty little garden
and there was a pretty little girl 
who cared for pretty little flowers.
But there was this flower that didn't bloom
no matter how she watered and pruned.
She eagerly checked on it every afternoon.
Perhaps, she thought, it'll bloom soon.
But this flower just didn't change its tune.
"Mother", she called. "This one won't bloom."
"The others are waking and blooming
with a little help and some grooming."
"Some flowers are late blooms." Mother said.
"It'll catch up. Don't worry about it just yet.
Every often, there comes along a late bloom.
It'll stay asleep beneath the sun and moon.
One day, its time will come. Instead of gloom,
it will be reborn and its beauty will bloom."
Before long, as she said, that day surely came.
This pretty little flower woke up to fame.
It lifted up its pretty little face to the sun,
yawned, stretched and joined in the fun.
The others cheered. The worst is past!
Even late blooms bloom at last.
To all late blooms out there...
Your time will come.
Your beauty will shine.
Your purpose will be revealed.
You will bless your world.
You will discover who you are
not by the noise coming at you from everywhere
but when you have listened to the one inside you.


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