2020 started like a horror movie. No one knows when it will end.

It started with the fires in Australia. This came with colossal losses to land and animals. Then came the seeming WW3 scare. The world mourned Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and other passengers to a flight crash. Then COVID showed up out of nowhere. The death toll is still being added. There’s no end in sight. No cure found yet. Since its emergence, too many lives have been lost. COVID-19 was not responsible for some of them.

During this pandemic, the world paused. Nature caught a breath. We saw natural bodies of water clear up. Wild animals returned to places where they had not been seen in a long time. We adopted social distancing as businesses and schools were shut down. Everyone had to stay at home. This helped some relationships, marriages and families reconnect. For some others, it was the opposite. There may be as many divorces as there are pregnancies at this time.

We also saw our leadership fail in many unexpected ways. While some presidents stepped up and managed the pandemic to aid their citizens, some others’ efforts were disappointing, putting it simply. After a few months of quarantine, businesses are now open. Some people have refused to wear a mask. There is an increase in the number of cases. The experts cannot agree on how helpful Chloroquine is for COVID-19 patients.

While we waited for a cure, George Floyd has his neck stood on for over eight minutes. Black Lives seem to matter today. Will that change? Videos and accounts of police brutality against blacks flood the internet. When will it end? Protesters take to the streets calling for police reforms. “Take the knee”, they cry. As the world looks on, police attack innocents for being on the streets with rubber bullets and Tasers. White supremacists and racists also take to the streets, armed, to deal with protesters. Statues of slavers and murderers are pulled down.

The protests spread to other countries including the UK, where “there is no racism”. Puerto Rico sees earthquakes. Locusts swarm Africa and Asia. There is flooding in Michigan. A new virus breaks out in China. Ebola re-emerges in Congo. A Sahara dust storm encroaches the Southern US. There’s a radiation leak scare in Russia.

It is only half of the year but for now, we will keep our wear masks on until the tide turns and all is well with the world again. Will that ever happen? Most people keep wondering. There are no answers yet.

What I think, however, is that 2020 did not do this to the world. Humanity did this. We did this to our world. All of us.

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