The Journey So Far

I’m neither affluent nor famous. At 37, I have interesting stories to tell of my journey so far.

The Journey

My first job had to do with numbers and data. I wouldn’t say I’m a numbers person. I was 21. I was not thinking about a career. It was just a job. 7 years later, I acquired my first degree after much ado.

I have worked over 2 years in Banking and another 2 plus years in Customer Services/Logistics in actively customer-facing roles. Here, I mastered customer-focus and empathy. I also worked over a year as a Teacher/Trainer, and about 3 years as a Freelance Writer/Content Creator. In addition, I have taken on Freelance roles as an Editor/Proof Reader for over 7 years.

Describing myself simply, the words “Communications Professional” come to mind. Then, of course, “Writer”. I write blogs, articles, social media content, website content, ads, news articles, wedding vows, you name it. I also do Ghost Writing. This is a talent and well-honed skill developed and mastered over time. The third is “Teacher/Trainer”. Some would argue both are the same thing. However, let us agree that both involve similar skills, one for academic and the other for corporate learning. I have attempted both.

Passing it On

You see, I have wanted to teach since I graduated from secondary school. I realised that I could share knowledge in more fun and impactful ways than some of my teachers. I studied every teacher/tutor/lecturer that came my way throughout my education. I noted what their individual styles, what worked and what didn’t. I made mental notes of some of the things I would adopt when I became a teacher.

I have attempted creating a vibrant learning experience for my students or participants in both academic and corporate settings. My style is consistent, no matter what methodology I adopt. I strongly believe that when learning is fun, the lessons stick, especially for children and teens.

The last 16 years, particularly have been a journey of discovery for me. So many lessons learnt. No regrets. What’s the point of that anyway? I’m making my way in the world. I’m realising answers to my many questions, one at a time. I’m making it work.

Next Levels

The next phase that I am looking forward to is training school leavers and undergraduates in Life Skills. It will be amazing. So, watch this space. In the meantime, I’m working with people, brands, and businesses by telling their stories to help them better connect with their audiences.

If you need someone to showcase your vision, capabilities or offerings, talk to the best Storyteller in town. C’est Moi.

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