Earth’s Mightiest Losers

Here’s a peek into the stories of ten Avengers. Enjoy.


They call him T’Challa. We call him the Black Panther. A dutiful and loving son who carries on the legacy of his ancestors – the secret of Wakanda. Proud of his lineage and heritage until he unearthed an old and dark secret. But this time, he could find no pride in it. “You were wrong. All of you” he cried to the ancient panthers. He dared to start a new path and create history. Wakanda forever!


Heroes are made not born. This is the story of Captain Steve Rogers. The Serum Miracle. The Ice Super-Soldier who slept 70 years. He lost his love and a lifetime and made the best of what life threw at him. But what time stole from him, he stole back. Thanks to the Pym Particles. He never really belonged in our time anyway. The good soldier that he was, he returned with his shield.


Like his forerunner, he was forced to confront his other self – his ego (who materialised in the name of Ultron). Fury’s dossier on him reads “volatile, self-absorbed, and doesn’t play well with others”. Sounds like he’s narcissist, don’t he? Anyway, he turned it right back in our faces when he decided to save the world, for the last time. So long Iron Man. You’ll be missed. We love you 3000.


The evolution of Hulk is one heck of a story. This furious monstrosity used to be havoc personified. It’s interesting how he’s the avenger that’s giving selfies, playing the level-headed go-to guy for the rest of the team. He’s still gigantic, green, and the incredible Hulk but is also the brilliant Dr Banner. Its the best of both worlds. Plus he is no longer angry.


How the Black Widow manages to keep a straight face, shows no emotion, kick ass and expose your most hidden thoughts is definitely a skill I wish I had. Trained assassin. Gets the job done. But as we eventually discovered, she had a beating heart. Wept for her lost friends over a sandwich. Who would have thought it? And of course, sacrificed herself for her best friend and the rest of the world.


“Puny humans” he calls us. Have u ever seen a god more human? He could never get his act together. Lost his hammer (more than once). Lost his girl. Lost his mom. Lost his dad. Lost his home/world. Lost his brother. Lost the one chance to take Thanos out. Lost his bod. He got the little hammer back though for the last time and gave Thanos some whooping. And of course, he brought the storm, several times actually. Good old Thor.


How many times did you see her lose it? This woman lost everyone she ever cared about. Her parents. Her brother. And her Vision (twice). When is she’s not ever avenging the deaths of her loved ones. I mean it helps her make serious damage but hey. We’d like to see her happy at least for 2 hours. Its a good thing we might catch that in Wanda and Vision movie coming up soon.


Yeah, he’s a strange one. And Strange is his name. Even before he started making rings in the air with his hands. You know a doctor’s saddest words are “we lost him/her” but when you’re this guy, you simply go back in time, right? Except for the last one. Somehow, there was only one way the world could be saved from Thanos’ thick fingers snapping us all away. Why couldn’t they just cut off his hands? Both hands.


I enjoyed Captain Marvel’s story (I don’t care that people booed it). What stuck with me is how she realised she had been fighting with one arm tied behind her. And boy when she discovered her full potential. It was beautiful to see. I also like how she just flies through stuff and everything blows up. She should have got more time with Thanos. We all know he cheated. You all saw she almost had him, right?


Gomorra the Green. Daughter of Thanos’. Sister to Nebula. Lover to Star Lord. Mama to baby Groot. The soul that was traded for a soul. She was fierce and compassionate. The evil that she despised came back for her and snuffed out her light. And now, her watch is ended. Journey well, Green Warrior. Star Lord is still searching the galaxy hoping to find you but we all know it’s a lost cause.

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