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What is the Cost of Landing a Good Job?

I was not yet 21 when I landed my first job. For years after that, I would take whatever job I could find if my highlighted skills were a match and transferrable. This is a similar experience for many others like many others in their 30s and even perhaps those in their 40s.

We did not think about career planning or career mapping. We did not consider our strengths, areas of interests, passions or talents and all that. Monetizing any of these things did not occur to most of us. Ha! If only we knew that 10 years down the line Entrepreneurship was going to be so huge. The point is we were limited in our vision and orientation when it came to career growth. We just wanted to land a “good job” which is African speak for high-paying job in a reputable and impressionable company.

Then versus Now

I remember the rush for Prince 2 and then shortly after, PMP. To all those who scurried to get certified at the time, I’ve often wondered, how useful have you found that particular exercise? How relevant is it to your career presently? If it wasn’t Project Management, it was CRM or HRM or something. The world is a much different place now. There are endless opportunities for anyone who is willing to do the work and pay the price.

To you my young people (from ‘school leaver’ to ‘undergraduate’), you can start planning your career now. There’s no need to wait until you graduate. By then, it’ll already be too late. You will be unskilled, unemployable and unattractive to employers. This is also something to consider. You will be forced to  join the queue like everyone else, begging to be hired for new entry jobs where they are demanding 3 to 4 years of experience with a pitiful salary.

You do NOT have to be that person. I can help you make better informed choices about your career. They will be yours to make. I will only walk you through the options and possibilities available to you.

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