Letters by Miji: How to Survive Your Future

Dear 16-25 year olds,

If you think that when you’re finished with school/university, you’ll find a job and go on to tick all other boxes, you may be far from reality.


COVID-19 may just happen to have turned the world on its axis faster than it usually goes. I like to think we were already headed where we are now. It’s just accelerated. If you will survive this long game called life, you need to be equipped with the necessary survival skills. They are called LIFE skills. These are functional skills relevant to the fulfilment of your career, business or entrepreneurship goals.

They include communication, empathy, problem-solving, creativity and so on. Unfortunately, these skills are NOT taught in school. By the time you graduate and are job hunting, your future employers will require that you already have them. At that time, you are ill-equipped for your future, unemployable, ill-prepared for survival.

So how do you measure up against your competitors? How do you show yourself employable?

The idea is to start acquiring these skills NOW.

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2 Responses

  1. airatsaidit says:

    Spot on. And for those who have already built a career or are still building one upskilling is the way to go.

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