Hey Pearl

Hey Pearl,
Ageless beauty, Rare and precious Once hidden, now gazed upon By lusty eyes and wistful sighs
Your journey began innocently
From the deep you were drawn
From the dark, brought into light
From the unknown, now adored
Lovingly and proudly displayed
For the whole world to see
Some have discovered your raw potential
And sought to benefit from your beauty
Some will hold you close, on a leash
Your relevance is your immediate value
Others might save you for special moments only
To be shown off as entertainment
Some might place you on a pedestal
In a special place, where all can come
To gasp and swoon, with oohs and aahs
And some might shut you up
Hidden, never to be seen
In the darkness where you once started.

You just never know where your journey might take you.

Not everyone can tell what your truest value is even if they all agree that you are a beautiful, precious and rare find.

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