Letters by Miji: Dream Bigger

Dear 16 to 25 year olds,

We’re at a defining point in humanity. In the future, when you think of 2020, try to remember that.

The dreams of your parents and their parents before them were enough to build your existing reality. They will not be enough to build the bridges that you will need to cross over to your next level. By then, your dreams will have to take over. How big are your dreams? Whatever they are, you have to dream bigger than your parents, grandparents, or any of the past generations did.

This means that this is an opportunity to set a new mark, create a new reality, or reset the future. The generations before us, including your parents, have made their contributions to humanity. The results have both been positive and negative. This is not about cramping your style by gagging you with the responsibility that the future of humanity depends on you. Well, it does, but stay with me.

It might be your turn where we all have to depart Earth for Mars. Maybe that will never happen. Maybe it will. The point is you get to add your signature tune to the song of the universe. It won’t be complete without you. The fact is there certainly won’t be a future without you. So, here’s your chance to put together everything that you have learnt from the past and present and create a future you can be proud of.

Think about it… the world is in an undecided place right now. Economies are upside down. Existing social structures are being challenged. There are more demands on leadership everywhere in the world. In the middle of this confusion, people will suggest new solutions on how to forge forward. Some of those ideas will work, some won’t. After much trial and error, new structures will emerge and there will be a new world. If you could at the snap of your fingers create a new world, what would you do differently?

There is no better time to make your own definitions, rename your boundaries or create your own skies and pin them up. Whatever your parents wanted for you, shouldn’t you want more for your children? Whatever they dreamt that gave us today won’t be enough to bring us tomorrow. That’s up to you. So, dream bigger than they did. The things you enjoy today were not possible 20 years ago. Some people dreamt it and made it happen. Whatever 2040 will look like depends how big you can dream.

Dream bigger.

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