Letters by Miji: Meet The Fellow Travelers of Your Life’s Journey

Dear 16 to 25 year old,

In the journey of life, you will share many experiences with many people. They will come into your life and space, playing different roles. In this letter, I will share ten of such roles.


Their role is to shine more light on you and your thoughts, ideas, innovations, projects, dreams and future. They bring more understanding, more depth, more definition to your life’s purpose. When things are hazy and you need clarity, your illuminators become the answer to prayers. Because they are not mind-reading magicians, it will take some trust on your part to open yourself up to them. This may mean sharing your vulnerabilities. It will require baring yourself to another. The trick is to recognise these light bearers for what they are. It is not necessarily difficult. They are like fireflies. Just follow the light.


They come solely to veer your attention off your dreams, plans and purpose. The aim is to get you to lose your focus. Every time you define your goals, they bring some flippant idea that seems better or surer than yours. And every time you abandon your gold to pursue their brass. It does not matter how fantastic your vision or how amazingly and specially gifted you are. As long as you entertain these people, you will never achieve those goals or fulfil those dreams. You will never reach the skies or touch the moon. You will keep walking in circles. You will lose potential opportunities and waste considerable time until you eventually recognise them for what they are.


They are equipped and positioned to find their way through your carefully built defences and steal your hidden treasures. They pretend to be the real deal. They camouflage as familiars. They disguise as friendlies. These are Trojan horses. When your defence is down, they strike. If they succeed, they will make off with your prized possessions. Watch your six. Those defences are not to hide you inside tall walls and high towers. They are to keep the bad out.


They are skilled, enlightened and focused builders. To them, you’re a project. They swoop in to beautify you, make you more functional, more effective or more visible. When they’re done, they move on to the next one. They don’t sit around holding hands to sing ‘kumbaya’. Once the project is completed, there is no longer a reason to stick around. Sure, you benefit from their engagement and you’ll be sorry to see them go but they are of no use to you after the work is done.


They are mimics. They are mirrors. They reflect back to you exactly what you are. No more, no less. They give back the same exact energy, the exact same amount of good or bad that you give to them. They do not come to add to you or take away from you. They are echoes of yourself. They look like whatever you look like at the time. They sound like whatever you say at the time. They smell like whatever you give off at the time. You get exactly what you give. Take care to give your best so you can get your best in return.


They come to drown your voice. Their goal is to diminish your shine. They accomplish this by raising their voice louder than yours and hitting you with so much negativity that you can hardly hear yourself. It does not matter how brilliant you are. It also does not matter how much what you are bringing will save or help them. They will never listen because they cannot hear your voice over their jeers. Don’t bother explaining yourself to this lot. It’s a waste of time and energy. Deafen yourself to their noise and go about doing your business. That’s what Noah did and look how that ended. You know what you’re about? Focus on that because the rains are coming and you’ve got yourself an ark to build.


Everything they touch goes to ash. They can’t help it. It’s the poison in their touch. If you experience this, the first thing is to stop feeding them with more opportunities to kill your dreams, ruin your beneficial relationships, and shut down your your resources. Like locusts, they leave devastation behind. Do not let them in. What might appear at first as you doing a favour will turn out to be a sorry decision.


These are masters at their game. Their weapons are tricks, mind games, and subtle suggestions. They set up inconsequential diversions and create pretty convincing lies. They are smooth, persuasive and can fool the smartest, strongest and the best at their own games. To beat them, you must recognise them for what they are – liars and thieves who are out to trick and confuse you by presenting a false reality to deceive you, to eventually steal from you. It’s not just a game. You lose something to them.


They buzz like bees and flutter like birds, spreading doubt, sowing confusion, nurturing hate to anyone who would listen, wherever they are entertained. Against these, you need to build a steel protector for your mind and sanity as well as a fortification for your heart. These whispers quickly take root, grow and begin to bear fruit in no time. Before you know it, there is a forest of vines so thick, no machete can cut through. They start so small but cause so much harm to the careless.


Everyone needs light to navigate their path in this world. When we stumble in the dark, we cannot recognise the thieves and tricksters who seek to waylay us. Without the light, we will continually be victims to those who live and thrive in darkness. Light brings awareness, self-recognition, truth, knowledge and understanding: all of which are necessary tools and strengths for becoming and self-fulfillment. How would you find your way otherwise? There is one source of all light – the Creator of all life and existence. You can become a light-bearer, sharing your light with others, and showing them how to be light-bearers for others, spreading light, pushing back the darkness.

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