Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
I’ve been listening to “Now We Are Free” (Gladiator Soundtrack) all week. I keep playing it over and over again. I can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s not particularly your style. I know you loved your soul music and loved to get your groove on with that. Lol. But I think you would have liked this one.
I’ve been thinking about you too, a lot. I think about how you are free. Free from sickness. Free from life’s troubles and everything that came with it. I wish I could be at your burial. I would have played this song for you to say goodbye. You’re certainly no Maximus, not with that belly. Lool. But you’re a hero any day for putting up with all of us, especially my mom; for always being there, offering a helping hand, and fixing everything for everyone.
I can still hear you asking me, “So what are you up to these days? Anything you want to share?” I didn’t like to bother you. I knew you had enough on your plate without adding my issues. “I’m okay” I would always say. I cannot count how many times I said that. Well, you can’t ask me anymore since you’re no longer here. But I’ll tell you anyway.
I’m okay. This is because I know that you’re with the Lord. While you’re hanging out with the angels and asking the Lord all the questions you always wanted to, say a prayer or two for us. Like Maximus, and all the heroes before him, now that you’re free. And I know that it’s not goodbye. It’s just as Juba said. I will see you again old man, but not yet. Not yet.

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