Letters by Miji: Validate Yourself

Hey you. Yes you. Happy New Year. It’s 16 days into 2021, not that anyone cares. If you ask some people, they’ll say its December 47, 2020.

Any progress with your resolutions so far? Are you struggling? With the guilt of under-fulfilment? With the fear of failure? Are you out there shopping for the list of things to do differently this year to get those results?

So, who’s validating you?

Listen. Just for a second. There are so many voices out there. Too many of them are quite loud when they tell you that: you’re not good enough, you might not make it, you don’t have what it takes, who would want you, why would anyone love you?

If you’re honest, you’ll admit that you’ve been hearing these self-recriminations for a really long time. I’m talking years. Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to believe these ideas? The answer is obvious. They have become familiar, almost bed buddies with your self-esteem. Are you still surprised how well these thought patterns have influenced your decisions and behaviours all these years? They’ve been in charge all the while.

Let’s change things up, shall we?

How about you take your power back? How about you fight them out with the kind of thoughts that inspire the results you want to see? How about you validate yourself! How can you do that? Well, let’s see. You know those really lovely words that you wish someone said to you when you were younger? Yes, you’re going to make a list. Write down everything you can think of that you would have loved to have shaped your thinking and orientation.

Are you done with that? Great. Start speaking those words to yourself. You do not have the luxury of time to wait for someone to come around to validate you. You gotta do it for you. Speak words of love. Speak words of power. Speak words of healing over yourself. Do it. You got you.

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