A Chocolate Story

I stumbled on this brilliant Cadbury chocolate advert recently.

However short, it is an impressively told story.

A little girl buys her mom a bar of chocolate for her birthday. What is interesting is how she pays for it. It is beautiful how the shop owner indulges her and lets her pay with bric-a-brac. She gets ‘A’ for effort in getting her mom a birthday gift after all. Cute, isn’t it.

There’s another equally powerful message in here about ‘value’. In real life, she probably would have been told she had no real money and could not pay for the chocolate. But, you will agree that everything she placed on that counter had great value to her, especially the dog. You can see her struggle with parting with it but her love for mom won. We can say that the shop owner recognised her commitment and the value (that she believed) was high enough to buy that chocolate bar.

Value attracts Value

I am convinced that value attracts value. When you bring value to the room, it is possible that your value is not recognised, or appreciated, or isn’t marked as a currency that is relevant to that particular context. However, there are people who will recognise what you carry, who you are and respect/admire/value your version of value.

With so much competition out there, and the pressure to be and do what everyone else is doing, be kind enough to yourself to remember that your value is just the right amount of good to some people.

Again, what is in your hand? Don’t throw it away because it’s not being made noise about on social media. Don’t diminish yourself to fit into someone else’s shadow. Don’t hate yourself because you don’t look like what everyone says is the new cool. Love yourself. Value yourself. You make it easier for others to value you when you do that.

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