That’s Life

Dear 16 to 25 year old,

You will love and be loved. And sometime before or after that you will love and not be loved in return. Some other times, you will be loved and not be able to love them back. That’s life.

Some things will come very easily to you. It could be because you have a knack for it or you’re talented at it or earned it or it just happened and no one knows how or why. It might also be that someone sowed the seeds in your past so that you might reap the harvest in your present. Some other things won’t be as easy. They will cost you sweat or blood or your mind or some money or something far more precious to you. That’s life.

Your life will experience highlights so pure, so beautiful, you never want them to end. It will also experience points so low, so devastatingly discouraging that you never ever want to see them again. The highs will get higher as you grow into yourself. Their buzz will get so much louder. It makes you even more aware of the silence when the lows arrive. Tis life.

You will climb mountains, pass through valleys, and wade through waters. On your journey, you will find that the sun shines on all, the rain pours on all, time clocks for all, whether saint or sinner, winner or loser, adult or child, man or woman. However, it is they who make the most of the opportunities given and the blessings poured out that enjoy the best that life gives. C’est la vie.

At whatever point you find yourself, no matter what your experiences, there is one thing to always remember. You are always given more than you give. You cannot out-give the source of all life.

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