Dad, Daddy, Father or God?

Very many people struggle with the idea of God as a Dad or Daddy. The word ‘Father’ is used more like a title than an actual point of reference for the real thing.

Dad or Daddy is usually that someone you can go up to anytime, be yourself, talk, hang out, laugh with, get a hug and a kiss and an ‘I love you’. Someone you know will always love you whether you stink or say or do something stupid. Someone you know will fight for you when you’re not there. Someone you know will always have your best interests at heart, even when, especially when you don’t have your own back. Someone who will tell you the truth when you mess up but will stick up for you anyway. Someone you know will go to the moon and back to get you the best and will always be there for you, in spite of your zillion mistakes.

Why do we struggle to see Him in this light?

Is it because some people have not enjoyed this relationship with their natural fathers/ father figures?

Something to think about, isn’t it?

Is God your father? Your dad? Daddy? Or just… God?

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