In the Garden

I figure I’m not the only one who has tried to imagine what life was like in the Garden of Eden. Adam wakes up in the morning and every animal he comes across bows the knee and call him ‘Lord’ or ‘Master’ or something. Let’s throw in the trees too. Sure, why not. The plants hail him too as he walks past. I imagine the river dries up someday and the elephant comes to tell him.

“Lord Adam, there’s no water.”

“Ceronne, what do you mean there’s no water.”

“The river Pishon has dried up, my Lord.”

“Arakeen” He calls for the great eagle. “Scout the river Pishon, follow the trail. Find out what’s happened.”

Arakeen goes on to scout and finds a huge log has blocked the river’s path and cut off the supply, forming a dam. He comes back to report to Adam.

Sighs. “That’s a relief. I’ll ask the angels for help and move the log out of the way.”

“Thank you, my Lord.” The animals cried in relief. “You take such good care of us.”

“It’s by Yehovah’s grace that we all are. Let us bless Him for His goodness and kindness.”

Here’s something else I find interesting in Genesis 1. God made plants with their seeds in them ‘after their kind’ (vs 11-12); marine animals and birds ‘after their kind’ with instructions to be fruitful & multiply (vs 20-22); land animals also ‘after their kind’ (vs 24-25). Each time, he was pleased with the results. He ‘saw that it was good.’

Right after in vs 26, He comes up with the idea to make man in His own image and likeness (basically, after His own kind) to rule over everything else he had made before (as a god on earth). The idea was to have a god-kind of being in a human body to rule and reign in these parts just as He rules and reigns in the heavenlies.

That plan hasn’t changed at all. He’s still making god-like beings… not the Adam way anymore. He goes about it the Jesus way now. “As many as believed, to them, He gave the power to become the Sons of God.”

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