It is Impossible

“It is impossible.”

Everyone has been told this at least once in their life. I for one am glad that certain people were stubborn enough about their ideas and dreams to keep on anyway. If everyone gave up on their dreams when someone told them ‘It is impossible’, then we wouldn’t have the aeroplane, the light bulb, mobile phones or the internet. We wouldn’t even go land on the moon or visit Mars. We certainly wouldn’t have life as we know it today because the inventions we enjoy and take for granted today wouldn’t exist.

Consider this, every single time your mind conceives an idea, there’s a version of you somewhere in some alternate reality already putting that idea into reality. If it is possible there, wherever ‘there’ is, then it is possible here. Every achiever you celebrate today had to overcome hurdles to get where they are. One of those hurdles was the thought, words and sometimes the advice that ‘It is impossible.”

Here’s what Steve Harvey had to say about his breakthrough.

“Everybody has a turn-back moment. You have a moment where you can go forward or you can give up… If you give up, the guarantee is it will never happen. The only way the possibility remains that it can happen is if you never give up no matter what.”

Steve Harvey

If you have enough clarity for your vision, enough belief in your dreams, enough drive to keep you going, enough hunger to make you unrelenting, enough faith, the kind that moves mountains, then, for you, ‘Impossible’ is nothing. Adidas got that one right.

Have a blessed week. May all your ‘impossibles’ turn around to become ‘possibles’.

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