Can You Do Baby Steps?

Dear 16 to 25 Year Old,

Can you eat all the food that your body needs in a year in one sitting? How about a month? A week? 3 days maybe? Can you wear all the clothes you’ll use in a year all at once? How about all the places you will visit in a year all at once? Can you squeeze 365 days into 1 day or an hour?

So why do many people struggle to allow themselves to grow? Why don’t you allow yourself to process your journey? Why are you stressed about the things that eventually work themselves out without your help anyway?

Babies develop their bodies and grow their bones over time into adulthood. It’s a continuous growth process until their twenties for some people. When they are toddlers, they keep falling over because their balance is not yet right. They don’t get sad that they fell. They get back up immediately. They don’t give up on walking altogether because of that one fall. I don’t know how many times babies fall but I’ll guess maybe hundreds of times.

Allow yourself to fall or fail or make mistakes hundreds of times. I like how Thomas Edison put it when he was asked what it was like to fail 1,000 times. He said “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

Allow yourself to grow. Allow yourself to go through your process. You have all it takes to be whom you’re going to become and get where you’re headed. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

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