Home is…

“When you’re in real trouble, you run home.”

For some people, home is a place. For others, it’s someone. Sometimes, home is a group of people. Other times, home is a song, a smell, a sound, a voice, a picture, a video, a text, a smile, a hug, or a touch.

I’ve heard people say home is where the heart is. There’s another version that home is where you can sit comfortably on the toilet seat. Home can be your recharge pod or your refuel garage. It could be a whiff of your mother’s cooking. Whatever home is to you, it’s okay.

I bet for many of us, the idea of home revolves around some of these thoughts; a place…

Where there’s no judgement

Where you can be yourself

Where you have no doubt that they have your back

Where you know for certain that you are a priority, not an afterthought

Where your feelings, opinions, and thoughts count

Where you’re seen and heard

Where you’re not afraid to open yourself up

Where you don’t have to pretend about your fears, worries or anxieties

What is home to you?

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