To My Abuser’s Victims

To my abuser’s victims
I have seen the despair in your eyes
I have heard the fear in your voice
I have walked the dark paths that you did
I have known the emptiness in the dark
To my abuser’s victims
I have bled through your cuts
I have shed enough tears to make a hundred streams
Yet I struggle to wash myself clean of these memories
Haunting, taunting, whispering in the dark
To my abuser’s victims
I am your mirror
We are the same, you and I
Kindred spirits on this bizarre journey
Surely the light must come, one day
To my abuser’s victims
In the light, all will be revealed
Will you willingly lay bare,
Every scar, every memory?
Or will you hide your wounds?
Will you re-embrace your pain,
Like a blanket, your familiar comforter?
Or will you be bold and step out of the darkness
Into the warm welcome of the light?
Will you name yourself 'victim' always?
Or will you take the charge in telling your story?

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