What Do They Say About You?

What They Say

Peep that conversation that Jesus has with the guys about his identity (Matthew 16, Mark 8, Luke 9). What do men (people) say have to say about you? Some good, some bad, some true, some outright lies, and some in-between grey shades? While the perception of others is important for your reputation and in some ways, your self-esteem, there’s an even more weighty opinion.

What You Say

What do you say about you? In the middle of all the noise, and over all the voices you hear, is your voice loud enough, strong, and steady? Or is it drowned out by your insecurities and fears? Are you ever good enough to be loved? Do you ever really believe that you deserve for good things to happen to you? Do you ever feel that you belong with the best of them, standing shoulder to shoulder? Or are you always going to be the outsider, overlooked?

What He Says

Then there’s the opinion that counts the most, even more than yours… What does God say about you? What do you think He sees when He looks at you? What do you think He feels when He thinks of you? Can you imagine the pride in His voice when He talks about you? Do you know every battle He has fought for you? Do you know how far He is willing to go just for you? Do you know that He will fight all the demons in hell for you? Ooops… He already did! He gave up everything for you. Guess what, He will do it again in a heartbeat if there was a need. You’re all that and more

Do you know what He calls you? Loved. Precious. Beautiful. Blessed. Forgiven. Restored. Redeemed. Will you believe Him over every other voice? Will you take His word over your background, past (and current) mistakes, social status, how much you’re worth, the abuse you’ve suffered, your low sense of self-worth, etc?

Would you?

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