Love and Its Shadows

Have you ever wondered why it seems as though love gives you wings to fly? Why is it then that like a deflated balloon, love thaws and leaves behind shadows of memories? Why are we so afraid of the most powerful gift of all?

When Love Loves

When a man loves his woman, he would fight all of hell and a hundred demons for her if need be.

When a woman loves her man, she would trade her soul with the devil for him if need be.

A mother who loves her child would run into a house on fire to get him or her out without thinking about it even for a moment.

A father would sell his soul to protect his family.

A brother would go toe to toe with a ferocious beast to protect his sibling not caring that his face could get eaten up in the process.

Love makes us become more

Love helps us to transcend beyond all the frailties that diminish humanity

Love transforms us into heroes and saviours, capes and all

Love makes us god-like

We sacrifice ourselves knowing that although we lose something, and sometimes everything, we gain love and there’s nothing greater.

When Love Hurts

Why then does love hurt?

Why does it wound and leave scars behind?

Why does love leave you empty?

Why is it that oftentimes, we never completely heal?

How can something so beautiful become so ugly?

It is fair to say that love cannot be tainted.

It isn’t love that fails. It couldn’t even if it tried.

Love is too full of love to be anything but love.

And love is always beautiful

Greed, bitterness, manipulations, envy, maliciousness,

Selfishness, anger, unhealed and festering heart wounds

Suspicion, insecurities, indiscipline, ingratitude.

These are some of the culprits that taint love.

They can cripple love’s wings and erase the most beautiful memories.

Choosing Love Unafraid

Everyone has the capacity to love

Everyone can transcend to god-likeness

Everyone can be so much more

But would we?

When any of those tainters are the loudest in the room,

Or in our heads or in our hearts, do we allow love speak?

Love can always be trusted.

It is the rarest, purest and highest of gifts.

It is complete in itself, outside of the giver or taker.

Love wasn’t created by humans.

Love existed way before anyone of us.

Love will always be when we’re all gone.

Would you choose love over your insecurities?

Would you choose love over your childhood trauma?

Would you choose love when you have lost your self-esteem?

Would you choose love when you have everything to lose?

Would you allow love to heal you?

Would you allow love to guide you?

Would you let love lead you out of the maze of corruption?

Would you let love make you whole and all new?

Would you?

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