About Miji

I come from a family of storytellers. My grandma was a great entertainer. You could never whether she was making up a story or whether it actually happened. Plus she had a great sense of humour. Her stories were always colourful and animated. In between her visits, my dad took over. We travelled unnamed lands, fought alongside the hero, and had many adventures in his stories. These stories came with songs that we learnt with much gusto.

During my primary 6, I would retell these stories. It didn’t help that there was this little session Friday afternoons called storytelling. What can I say? The kids couldn’t get enough of my stories. I haven’t stopped telling stories since then. Everyone I went to boarding house with will tell you I was quite the storyteller. I got my content from movies, novels, and sometimes made them up when I had run out and my audience demanded, “encore”.

The Present

In the last four years, however, I have honed my skills as a communications professional. As a freelance creative, I function as a ghost writer, copy writer, proof reader, editor and content creator.

I have worked with personal brands and businesses to project a vivid image for their clients and also to tell their stories to help them better connect with their audience. I have created contents and copies for marketing purposes. By producing these contents in the voice of the brand or business owner, the narrative is consistently original and convinving to their audiences.

The Future

Everyone has a story to tell. The same applies to brands and businesses.

What stories do you want to tell?

How are your prospective customers connecting with your brand?

What do your customers experience when they engage with your brand or business in the digital space?

Let us talk about how you and I can create the right and meaningful experiences for your customers.

Connect with me. Let’s convert your prospects to ambassadors and champions of your products and services.