Category: Musings by Miji

Pings from the Future

It’s easy to imagine that if your future-self approaches you, he/she will tell you something amazing that will transform your life

Into The Spotlight

It’s ok to falter. Make mistakes, get booed off the stage, stumble and show everyone that you are afraid. You will get over it. You will become better.

The Journey So Far

The next phase that I am looking forward to is training school leavers and undergraduates in Life Skills. It will be amazing. So, watch this space.


2020 started like a horror movie. No one knows when it will end. But 2020 did not do this to the world. Humanity did this. We did this to our world. All of us.

How To Love You

There’s at least one person in all this world who thinks you deserve everything good. The person who believes this the most should be you.