Hello, I’m Miji.

In the last four years, I have honed my skills as a communications professional. As a freelance creative, I have functioned as a writer, copy writer, proof reader, editor and content creator.

I have worked with personal brands and businesses to project a vivid image for the clients and also to tell their stories to help them better connect with their audience.

What stories do you want to tell? How are your prospective customers connecting with your brand?


Content Creation

I create impressionable content to help showcase brands and create visibility to drive the intended message to their audience.

Communications/Linguistics Facilitator

I work with professionals, executives, graduates and students to upgrade their overall communication skills to achieve personal, career and academic goals.

Creative Storytelling

I tell compelling stories to help brands and businesses better connect with their prospective customers to improve the bottom line.

Brand/Business Communications Strategist

Because communication is such an integral part of any brand or business, I work with owners to devise the most effective strategies to achieve their goals, with successful results.

Let’s create new experiences together.